Get your love back!

About 8 months ago, I have reached a point in my life, where I’m sure most of you are at right now. A point where I thought that the love in my marriage was over. A point where I was daydreaming about being in love again (I would read love stories and love poetry, I would watch love movies, I would listen to love songs). A point where I felt empty inside and lonely. A point where I didn’t feel I mattered anymore. A point where I felt misunderstood, unappreaciated and unwanted. A point where I felt trapped in my marriage and simply wanted out, because I thought that the gap between my husband and myself was so large, that no amount of talking or action from his part or mine could ever fix our relationship. A point where I believed it was too late for us. So instead of talking to my husband about it, I’ve made a huge mistake (a mistake that you’ll soon be making, if you didn’t already). I cheated. Why? Because I missed flirting, because I missed feeling beautiful, because I missed feeling appreciated, because I missed the long walks, because I missed the fun conversations, because I missed the butterflies in my stomach, because I missed the love statements, both said and received, because I missed the musical dedications, because I missed getting flowers for no reason, because I missed being grabbed really tight and kissed really hard, because I missed feeling wanted and needed, because I missed LOVE soooo much. Some (including my husband) will argue¬† that none of the above are reasons to cheat, but reasons to start a new relationship. And you’re absolutely right. There is no justification for cheating. (More about this later.) So this new relationship gave me all that, but it also gave me tons of guilt, anxiety, crying and a feeling that I was divided and lost. I tried forgetting about my lover and returning to my husband, but I was still under the false impression that he couldn’t possibly offer me all the wonderful and vital things that my lover was offering me. So I got back with my lover. Then back with my husband and so on for about a half year. My head, my heart and my life were a mess. It was only after my husband filed for divorce that I realized I didn’t want to lose him, that I still had feelings for him, that I wanted him back, that we can make our marriage work, that love is a real posibility for us. And we made it real. So real, so intense, so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes, warmth to my heart and the so longed butterflies to my stomach.

People, I’m here to tell you a huge secret. There is a popular belief out there that couldn’t be more false. It says that love fades in a relationship and once it’s dead, you can never get it back. I’m here to tell you that this belief is a BIG LIE and it holds you back. Me and my husband are living, breathing proof that LOVE IS RECOVERABLE. That’s right! You can get your love in your relationship or your marriage back and I want to help you fall in love all over again with your spouse, so that he falls back in love with you. Because love is something everybody deserves and should have in their lives.

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Be happy! Be fun! Be loved!